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>> Do it in [llad]'s way <<
//.it's simplicity in a complex way
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18th-Jul-2007 05:49 pm - The wicked end
This journal is dead .

Find me in my new journal ;
justwritedamnit justwritedamnit  justwritedamnit  justwritedamnit justwritedamnit  [info]justwritedamnit 
the new journal will active as soon as possible .

May this journal rest in peace ; )
24th-Nov-2006 05:01 pm - My life : Updated !
Hello my dear livejournal, I've missed you.
I was going to write sooner, but apparently I'm being a lazy ass again . So let's short things up for what happened to my life for the past few weeks (months?)

Teh list.
- THE DAMNED IGCSE Exams . I'm soo glad it's over, it's driving me crazeh . This exams taking 3 weeks , and so no computer for 3 weeks, and I survived ! WOOHOO . score for meeh .

- My computer's broke . but it's not a problem anymore since it's already fixed baby ; )

- Watched 'World Trade Center' in Cinema , hmm touching but it's not really my stuff.

- Did my Art Club's project that I only get 4 hours to sleep - I had no time to do it in holiday, since i'm barely having holidays (come on, what kind of holidays when you got only 1 week holiday while you just finished a fucking 3 weeks exams ?! D:)

- Went to do lotsa funs with highschool friends; we did karaoke, it was fun XD And finally we are able to practising music band and played 'I Will Survive'  8DD . We kinda messed up at first,I play the guitar too fast, and my friend which is a drummer want to keep pace with me, but it turns out we do the song too fast that my other friends (the bassist and the singer) can't keep up with us. so we had to redo it again and again that my friend got tired of playing the bass ^^;

- Getting my friends liking Panic! At The Disco *wink wink* but they love Brendon more than Ryan. Yesh ! I will keep spreading teh lurves <3

- Sell cookies and jellys for Our School's Events. We need more money since apparently we are having a huge deficit . almost Rp. 100.000.000 .. but I'm glad we already have enough money ; P

- Finally can borrow MCR's CD from my friend so I don't have to buy it, because I'm really in lack of money since we have to give our money for helping paying the deficit I mentioned earlier .But MCR's new album is not as 'emo' as their previous album (and yea yea,  i know they don't want to be called emo) one song almost reminded me of  The Cure's 'Friday I'm In Love' . but maybe that's just me *shrugs*
This one song called 'Mama' amused me though ; ) mama we all go to hell ~~ *sings*  not amusing as much as 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison' though. *hint hint* What exactly they do to you guys in prison? ; )

- Went to MADAGASTAR, [info]fujiyuzuru and[info]nabeyaki's schools event . Went until nearly midnight, and I was mistaken as a boy 2 or 3 times < _ <  Some of my female friends cling to me when we have to pass through crowd of boys . Then;

A Boy :  "Whoa, check it out, is it a he or a she?!" (Obviously talking about me)
My crazy friend answered ;  "A boy!"
A Boy : "But why does he have breast?"
My crazy friend : "That's his wallet, you idiot!"
okay . nice answer my friend *shook head*

There's another time when I'm sitting with my female friends (and some I just met) and talking , gossiping , and much more. then some boys passed and talked; "Look at that, one boy, surrounded by girls!" and his friend was like "Eh, wait a sec, is that a boy or a girl?"

They really need glasses, because their visions are damaged, I tell you, damaged real hard .

It's basically a hard month for me, but don't worry- I can handle anything . HARHARHAR 8DD
18th-Sep-2006 07:13 pm - The 1st day of exams..
The exams week is finally here . The first day supposed to be biology so I was planning to study since itincludes all the chapters on the book for the materials for bio exams <_<

And unfortunately  I went along with my family to visit a cousin which means I can't study . Why I agree on the first place? Because my mom said something like this,

"Hey, you sure you're not gonna come with us? In our cousin's house there's boys..you still don't want to come?"

Bingo. My mother knows my weakness. hehe XDD

When I'm arrived, I was greeted by boys..

whose in 6th grade and 9th grade boys. *diez* there's one that on the same age with me though, but he's not my type so yeah.

SO. I didn't get enough sleep coz I was studying biology tp diselingi nonton film donk  ONLY to find out that my class isn't taking the biology exam. GOOD (baguusss *gaya extravaganza*)
12th-Aug-2006 08:37 pm - Birthday mess party 8D
Happy belated birthday to me 8D 
haha, I turned 16th this 11th of august . Gyaaah I''m old DX

Speaking of birthday ... this birthday is. the. best. birthday ever !! <33

1st ; Just say that my crush sms-ed me and said 'happy bday' to me to make it simple . haha of course I'm happy but.. yeah, but.. don't mind that ^^ I'm happy anyways =D

2nd; Thanks to all my awsome friends, Megha, Ranii, Qwita, Bea, Maya, Raka and Budhe and Dinda (which didn't come but thanks anyways ) who made a suprise for me !! You're all the best !! and you too, chiyosuke, thanks for coming with Aulia and the others and make the party more fun 8D

First I was dragged and uhmm forced to go to the mall and not go to the Art Club..*not really forced though, I want it by myself XD*  then after we got there, we went around and there are moments that I almost ruined the suprise since I almost noticed, but ..I'm too stupid to notice I guess DD8

After then I got to meet Chiyo and her friends at KFC.. at that place, Maya, Bea, and Raka came out and holds out a chocolate cake for me while the others singing happy birthday for me !!  isn't that sweet ? I'm very flattered, and suprised, and of course fucking happy at that time ! 8DD

They are the sweetest friends ever, but they're very..uhm..dirty.. since they cut the cake with 1.) straw (coke -after-use) and 2.) using their hands. EEWWW. haha but the cakes delicious anyways >: DD

The moment's not stop there, once I got back to the school to finish the Art Club activity, I was splashed by beer, soysauce, and tempura flavour !! Astagaaa . I'll fucking kill u all for thiss XD; the good news is, I dont bring any clothes to change, so I borrowed Maya's.. yang ukurannya  lebih kecil 2 ukuran dr ukuran baju terkecil yang gw punya . Astajimm . it's very tight of course :P

BUT ..I'm very happy !
to all my friends that congrats me,
especially Art Club -BAC friends/senpais/juniors, 
Chiyo & friends + Pet, 
DA peoples especially those who drew for me,
Everyone that congrats me (termasuk satpam skolah en tukang2 ojek) ,
and of course, MeghaRaniiQwitaBeaMayaRaka + Budhe + Dinda + Sweater Biru , thanks for making my day ! I Luff u guys !!

p.s;  to ninprime, sorry I didnt come to BAC..hahaa ... and thanks for the art dear !! XD
4th-Aug-2006 11:23 pm - What do you expect? it's teh con .
I&#39;m sexy
COUNT DOWN : 7 more days to my birthday 8D

I msg-ed (pijat boo) sweater biru today (a.k.a: my crush) and I asked about him going to move out from Jakarta. the reply was like OMG, God still loves me, he was actually seemed like a fun person from the his msg <33

I know it's late but yeah anyway, I'm gonna write the report of the comicket and the J-I matsuri con which held at 29th & 30th of July yesterday 8D

18th-Jul-2006 06:41 pm - Holiday is over ..wait, it's over ?
It's kinda odd how I enjoyed the feeling of being greeted so respectfully by the juniors by only standing in front of the class  .Teehee . They looked so funny when they are scared without even us making faces to them -- and they reminds me of myself when I was a junior . I wonder if I looked that funny when I was a junior ? 8DD *evil*

 And oh noes, I just embarrassed myself in front of the junior boys! DDD8 Because I was checking to the male toilet in the new building my current class is now (coz I was kinda unfamiliar to the building) and I got out right when they are about to go to the toilet -- and they were like '...the fuck?!' hhehe . Note to self : don't ever try to go the male toilet ever again except when you couldn't hold it anymore .

What to do when the teachers look down on you ? because I can't just stab and kick them whatsoever .

Anyway, ehem, I went to Fusion Matsuri and meet quite lot of people . It's not as fun I thought it would be, (soalny ga bisa kenalan ama cogan sii >:D ) but I guess it's okay . Met Puz, Nana, Raide, Shizuu, TC, Mashi, and who again ? I forgot . lol . but the thing is, it's fun to be with them ! Though I can't feel my legs anymore the next morning ..too much walking around I guess . Maybe better for me not to keep jumping around X)

Oh yeah, forgot, there was an earthquake on Jakarta. At last, what people feared come . They said it'll be much worse than the other earthquakes before .. I guess I should really started to pray hard @x@  And this means ... I have to give up YAOI ?? *faint* 
30th-Jun-2006 11:20 pm - Hahahhah
Blue x Purple
HAHAHHAHA I PASSED TO YEAR 11. Thanks God , gw ga perlu tuh obat nyamuk lg I don't have to suicide . That annoying P.E. teacher of mine learned his lesson. 'I will show you spoiled-brats that you can fail your year 10 just because of your score on P.E is bad' .. haha . as if. You see that, baldy? I passed without getting any of your scores, because I fucking rock.  *is very joyful right now*
And many thanks for you all that prayed for me X)

Another thing again, the exchange students program still running, and now I'm waiting for a noticing letter about I'm passed or not. I didn't really care, but now I wish I could passed. Not really though . Quick story about the third part of selection ; we were grouped and we have to work together and create something out of limited materials. And oh god, that boy in my group was kinda cute, hehe =D Yeah anyway, my performance there wasn't maximal . The judges even laugh at me. Gaaah I wanna go home X(

I have to go to singapore next monday because my grandparents want me to accompany them to have check up there. Gah, why do I agree at the first place anyway ?
19th-Jun-2006 03:42 pm - Quick rants
Blue x Purple
I passed the selection of the student exchange ! Uwow ! so that means my interview weren't fucked up .  yeah by the way , the war isn't over yet , I still haven't finish my exams still 3 days left !! and..I don't know if I can pass to the next grade X(

Oh God, I don't know if I can do math or not . I loathe math , kthxbai.

Anyway, congrats for those who passed UAN !  >: DD
13th-Jun-2006 11:37 am - Where's the pleasure on studying ?
Hell yeah babes,  it's EXAMS weeks <33

you know what? I LOVE exams . I really do.  yeah right .

I don't expect too much, especially on math or chem or physics or basically everything @x@ and no, I'm not expecting much from english too , since there's listening test and my poor ears don't cooperate much . I guess I'll get U's again, or F's, if I'm lucky enough I'll got D's.  and yeah,  that's the usual score I got XD;  I never got A's, or B's, or maybe even C's in my class, simply because I'm good at being stupid *winks*

I don't know if I can pass or not, since seriously, (despite the fact that I always got underrated scores) my P.E. score needs help . like, I only got 7 out of 28 , maybe even worse . ouch . not sounds very compromising I guess .

"I will show you all spoiled brats that you can fail your grade by only failing your P.E. and I'll show you all for sure!"
-- That what was my teacher said X_X Oh god, I'm fucked up . I never liked that teacher anyways . grrh .

Please wish me a good luck for me, guys . since I don't want to end up killing myself for failing
*shudders* .

anyways, I'm messed up my interviews for exchange students program ^^; I know I won't pass that one, that for sure .
28th-May-2006 12:01 pm - Guh-reat . my computer's messed up .
Don't worry , no more emo now ! cheer up emo kid X)
Thank you for putain the_loud_monk ninprime fujiyuzuru red_amethyst and all for the support when I was emo-ing lol . You all are the greatest ! :3

p.s; and putain ? I'm sorry I couldn't make it to MSN, when I finally did you weren't online >w<

anyway . my computer's breaking/crashing/fucked up or anything you want to call, but seriously, it is damaged . pr0n pop-up keeps popping, the computer slowed down and so does the internet. OMGHELPPLZ . I think someone opened pr0n in my comp, but I don't know who. AND NO, NOT ME. hell yeah I'm perverted but I haven't watch any pr0n except for yaoi , and mostly because I only use this computer to play the sims 2 lately, so I really have no idea who did it. X_X

anyone knew a free anti spyware or free anti virus ? help me ? thanks a lot before ;3

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